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Who are we?

APP Group, employing over 100 people, deals with the production and worldwide sales of polygraph products aimed mostly for gardening – tailor made flat packs, bags from a roll, boxes, labels, catalogues, whole concepts of packaging and advertising materials, as well as a wide scope of seed tapes and so called convenience products. APP Group may be even more flexible in meeting the gardening sector needs because of its unique machine park.

Alpha plant print GmbH with its registered office in Hannover is an important central organizational unit of the group. Numerous strategic decisions are taken here. Our team goes to great lengths to meet various needs and visions of customers.

The photo material is taken from Alpha plant photo GmbH (Vienna). Currently, our customers may choose from over 50 000 themes, they can be comfortably viewed online in the photo base with the use of different functions.

The projects are implemented in the Group’s production plant Alpha paper pack Sp. z o.o. in Łubowo next to Poznań. The plant is able to produce 240 million flat packs and over 40 million seeds tapes or mats annually.

We apply your seeds into a format!


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Convenience & seeds

so[w] it easy

As of today we offer convenience products that make our seed offer innovative and attractive for the customer.
We have a unique machine park enabling the application of organic and non-organic solid substances into the cellulose base, they may additionally be combined with other composing materials. We all the time run tests to continuously develop our offer with new products and combinations. 



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Photo base

Our photo base is easy to use and its intuitional tools provide online access to a wide range of botanic photos. There are currently about fifty thousand photos optimized for printing of flowers, vegetables, herbs and other types of plants as well as compositions and additives meeting current trends.

Apart from traditional themes, there are special collections on offer  e.g. Seedtapes & more, Microgreen, Balcony & Terrace, Kids & Garden, Food & Beverages, Trends and Gala Art, they provide appropriate themes e.g. for the constantly developing convenience product range.

Each year our photo base is supplemented with 5,000 – 10,000 new photos in order to constantly create current market trends in gardening with help of our photographers. In our photo sessions we are happy to meet individual, special requirements of our customers and implement their visions.
Our photo base is solely available for our customers therefore the use of the photo base requires having individual access data. If you do not have the access data yet, please register here. Moreover, our customer service team is ready to provide help at all times.



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Food & Beverages

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Packaging Editor

Would you like to have the possibility of browsing or possibly editing your series of flat packs from any place at any time?

It is not a problem because of the Internet and the editor of packing material!

Our Editor provides the constant access to own database of flat packs but also gives the possibility of contacting us through the platform. It significantly improves mutual communication concerning the graphic issues. E.g. it is possible to make quick and efficient single text corrections in the designs of packs edited online. The frame of the pictures can be modified easily and fast, the same the themes from our extended photo base.

Please contact us to get more information. We will be happy to help you!





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