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Blister with label and 3+ function

A multifunctional blister, the registered and protected utility model we developed, combines packaging, information tag, mini-seeder and mini gardening tool.

Because of the transparent cover, the customer may clearly see the seeds inside, which look very aesthetic.

It is enough to make a groove in the soil with the sharp edge, precisely distribute the seeds with a feeder and then cover them with soil with the use of straight, wide side of the blister. It’s ready…

So(w) it easy!

Blisters with labels are made and filled with seeds according to customer’s individual wishes and requirements. The minimum order amount is calculated by multiplying the number of  3000 printing sheets by the number of labels possible to obtain from a sheet. The following range of parameters is possible (width x height x depth): from 40 mm x 100 mm x 3 mm to 200 mm x 320 mm x 45 mm.

Please remember that we solely process the seeds we are given, the seeds must be especially prepared for the canal method (by calibration and cleaning). We can clean the seeds for an additional charge.

If it is reported before, it is possible to get the tape seed certification by forest certification and obtain the EU eco labelling [Euro Leaf].

You provide your seeds and we give you a multifunctional packaging where the seeds are  perfectly viewed.

Check our individual consulting. We will help you create the appropriate product!