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Flat packets * Seed packets

Packaging is an important part of the product and it is communication between you and the customer.

Flat packs or seed packs combine a few tasks at the same time:

  • they present your product thanks to attractive, individual graphic design and themes (they can be downloaded from our extensive botanic photo base)
  • they inform the customer about the content, application and they also include useful guidance or possible warranty information (right to exchange the product, expiry date etc.)
  • they may include the information about the price and data useful in trade (e.g. EAN, QR codes or DataMatrix, numbers of articles etc.)
  • they protect the content
  • they attract the attention to the provisions of law
  • the packs with a ticket give additional space for information, advertisement or competitions.

We offer you the following range of technical possibilities:

  • the smallest packing in a closed format 63 x 94 mm
  • the largest packing in a closed format 160 x 220 mm
  • additionally with single or double Euro hanger (different types)
  • with or without a big on the flap
  • the use of two gluing technologies – parallel or angle gluing [necessary in case of  packs with tickets]
  • paper thickness from 80 g/m² to 150 g/m² and the following paper qualities:
    • double coated glossy paper
    • one side coated label paper*
    • NEW non-cellulose paper* from agricultural waste

                  * available only for some paper weight

  • with neutral or offset print [CMYK] supplemented with possible special paints and finishing varnishes, such as:
    • Dispersion varnish – its main function involves the protection of a printed surface. The dispersion varnish gives the packaging a minimal gloss. The dispersion varnish includes mainly water (about 55%) and binder (resin).
    • UV varnish– apart from surface protection function, the lacquer gives high gloss of the packaging.
    • Spot varnish– only some areas of surface are covered, e.g. a company’s logo or theme. Some areas differ visually and tactilely from the whole packaging.
    • Partial foiling – provides similar effect to spot varnishing.
  • Our seed pack production capacity amounts to over 240 000 000 pieces annually.

 If it is reported before, it is possible to get the certification of chosen polygraph products by forest certification.

We produce exclusively to order, the minimum order amount is 3000 printing sheets. The number of pieces possible to obtain from one sheet depends on the size of printed seed packs.

Seed pack elements – the example of parallel gluing


  1. Front side
  2. Back side
  3. Euro hanger (to be there). Packs are offered with or without Euro hangers. The option is mainly used for advertising packs, in jewellery or pharmaceutical trade.
  4. Lateral flaps – with glue applied by the machine. The back side is then glued to them. Because of that, almost all back pack surface is available (apart from the area where the closing flap is glued (see 7)).
  5. Closing flap
  6. Big on flap (option) – makes it easier to close the flap.
  7. This area cannot be printed on because it will be covered by the closing flap (the height of a closing flap e.g. 15 mm + 2 mm)