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Packs from a roll

Our flat packs or seed packs range  is supplemented with packs from a roll. The products are aimed for use in specialized  packers, they are typically wound on rolls. If there is a need, they may also be delivered ready. The packs are closed by heating.

Compared to the classical paper packs, the advantages include lower purchase and filling costs for a higher than usual number of one type packs, the content is also hermetically closed. Due to the packing material properties, the rolls form a solid barrier protecting against the light and gases diffusion, e.g. water steam. Seeds sprouting ability is therefore prolonged. The packs may have a number of different applications  – apart from gardening (seeds etc.) also in food industry (spices, tea etc.), chemicals (cosmetics) and many other fields.

Maximum 8-colour print in flexographic or offset technology can be made on different materials, depending on the content and technology of packaging. The most often used materials include:

  • Paper + polyethylene (PE)
  • Paper + aluminium (Al) + polyethylene (PE)
  • Materials (composite) based on poli(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) [white glossy foil, matt white or silver foil]
  • Materials based on metalized poli(ethylene terephthalate) (MET-PET)
  • Axially oriented polypropylene foil (OPP) – heating possible only with other composite materials!

The print can be covered with a layer of glossy varnish or enhanced by laminating or applying the layer of  fluorescent or metallic varnish.

Please remember that

  • maximum width of the roll is 420 mm,
  • standard  diameter of the core is  76 mm.

The direction of roll winding may be chosen from the offered range. The maximum roll diameter depends on the machine used for packing.

The minimum order of one article is 10 000 packing units for standard materials (possibly more while choosing the material available only upon special request).

If you are interested in other packs from composite materials (packs than can be opened and closed etc.), please contact us. We will be happy to help you.