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Seed Tapes

The group of products ‘Seed tapes’ was created to simplify the cultivation process.

Seed tapes that are easy and comfortable to use, they significantly enhance seeding for those who treat gardening as their hobby. It is enough to lay the tapes in the soil according to the instruction and pour a significant amount of water. The cellulose used in these products is fully biodegradable and it dissolves when the sprouts come out. The tapes that are the carrier of high quality seeding material do not have any impact on seeds (the appearance of sprouts etc.). Another important advantage is the possibility of processing many different types of vegetables, flowers and herbs and making new, interesting compositions.

For this reason we have a unique machine mark enabling the application of organic and non-organic solid substances into the cellulose base, they may additionally be combined with other composing materials. The application is usually done through the canal method or sprinkling method.

Please remember that we solely process the seeds we are given, the seeds must be especially prepared for the canal method (by calibration and cleaning). We can clean the seeds for an additional charge.

We estimate the necessary amount of seeds according to your wishes and requirements and while taking into consideration the most precise seed application. Please consider the fact that the additional amount of about 1 litre of seeds is necessary to start the production line for your product. This amount will be returned to you with the delivery of goods.

Technical information:

  • The minimum order amount is 3000 pieces of one product.
  • The lead time depends on the type and quantity of a product.
  • The canal method allows to process the seeds with the diameter from 1 mm to 6 mm (from lobelia to nasturtium [calibrated and without  shells]).
  • The seed tape is 25 mm wide and its length is minimum 1 m.
  • The distance between seeds may obviously be adjusted individually (it applies only to so called canal method).
  • It is possible to process maximum 21 canals with seeds simultaneously.
  • The monochromatic text, signs or pictograms may be printed onto single canals with seeds.
  • Depending on the format, our production capacity amounts to approximately 700 000 units weekly.

Examples of typical combinations of tape seeds:

  • 3 m = 3 canals x 1 m
  • 4 m = 3 canals x 1,33 m
  • 5 m = 3 canals x 1,67 m
  • 6 m = 3 canals x 2 m
  • 7 m = 3 canals x 2,33 m

Our seeds tapes conform with the EC norms concerning the purity of varieties in case of packing a few different species of vegetables and/or herbs in one packing unit.

If it is reported before, it is possible to get the tape seed certification by forest certification and obtain the EU eco labelling [Euro Leaf].

Should you have individual requirements, we will share all our know-how with you!

Please find our offer of seed tapes with additional options. They include multicolour print (e.g. advertisements) or additives, e.g. fertilizer and/or hydro-gel, as well as the anti-weed membrane .