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Concepts of seed tapes

Not only are the seed tapes surprisingly easy and comfortable to use for the hobby gardeners, but they also offer a wide spectrum of  studied, practical and creative compositions of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The product is characterized by high individualization level and may be adjusted to customers’ needs in a particular market and to the current trends. We want to support our customers  with all our know-how in developing appropriate concepts and implement them.

The tested concepts of seed tapes include i.e.: carrots-radishes, dill-cucumber-dill, basil mixes, cultivation mixes (‘good neighbours’, e.g. marigold and cabbage) as well as the compositions of the summer flowers of different colours and heights  [e.g. 20-60-80 cm].

Please remember that we solely process the seeds we are given, the seeds must be especially prepared for the canal method (by calibration and cleaning). We can clean the seeds for an additional charge.

We estimate the necessary amount of seeds according to your wishes and requirements and while taking into consideration the most precise seed application. Please consider the fact that the additional amount of about 1 litre of seeds is necessary to start the production line for your product. This amount will be returned to you with the delivery of goods.

Our seeds tapes conform with the EC norms concerning the purity of varieties in case of packing a few different species of vegetables and/or herbs in one packing unit.

If it is reported before, it is possible to get the tape seed certification by forest certification and obtain the EU eco labelling [Euro Leaf].

Please find our offer of seed tapes with additional options. They include multicolour print (e.g. advertisements) or additives, e.g. fertilizer and/or hydro-gel, as well as the anti-weed membrane.