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The most popular and the most universal solution for product labelling and sales promotion. On top of that, the stickers may be used for logistics purposes(DataMatrix codes).

We have numerous cutting tools of different sizes and shapes. We will definitely be able to  implement your individual ideas and projects.

The implementation is possible with the use of maximum 8-colour print (including also special colours: silver and gold), in flexography technology for products on rolls or in offset technology in form of separately cut stickers or stickers that can be individually torn off the sheets, covered with different varnishes (matt, glossy, metallic or fluorescent).

Depending on the destination, it is possible to choose the following materials:

  • white, silky matt paper
  • metalized paper
  • special paper for thermal print or thermo-transfer print
  • self-adhesive paper of different gluing properties, e.g. permanent or the one than can be unglued
  • special paper for dedicated glue (for freezing, pasteurization)

For exclusive and special use products, where the high resistance to external factors is necessary, (e.g. resistance to chemical substance, grease, water resistance etc.) we offer the following materials:

  • foil
  • white films
  • metalized foil
  • self-adhesive permanent or unglued foil
  • films with special glue (e.g. of high resistance to atmospheric conditions)
  • transparent foil

If it is reported before, it is possible to get the certification of chosen polygraph products by forest certification.

We will happily help you by individual consulting. We will help you to make an appropriate sticker.