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Our IPM 2020 highlights

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We would like to thank all trade visitors to our booth for their interest in our products and the good discussions, which have been a great added value for our companies group.

Our motto for this year’s IPM was “Zero Waste & Sustainability” to underline that the APP group is always actively looking for environmentally friendly product solutions and not just following the current “zeitgeist”.
Our so-called “HEXAMat” was presented as the more efficient alternative to a seed disc. The hexagonal shape, modelled on the cell of a honeycomb, enables an optimal allocation of units during the production in comparison with the circular shape, without leaving unused gaps. This means that up to 99% less organic waste will be generated and resources are used effectively.

Our ecological gift wrapping paper was also very popular. The gift wrap with integrated seeds offers a sustainable alternative to conventional wrapping paper, which is rarely recyclable. The materials used for our gift wrapping paper production come exclusively from responsible forestry. The product is of course biodegradable and very easy to apply by the final user.
In addition, we repeatedly propagated wood fiber-free paper from agricultural waste, which further reduces the “Ecological Footprint” compared to forest-certified paper as well as recycled paper. This sustainable material is ideally suited (print image aspects) for the seed packets we produce.

With a view to our customers, we exclusively presented self-produced instruction videos for seed tape products. These can be licensed at favorable conditions, now.

Due to the demand for last year’s premiere that exceeded all expectations, we presented a revised seed mat raised bed solution.

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